What to know about TREEHOUSE JUNGLE BEAT RESORTS before booking?

wayanad, Kerala


Kerala, also known as God's own country, is in the South-west part of India. Surrounded by dense green gardens and forests, the land is a perfect place to restore peace and connect with the roots. TreeHouse jungle beat resorts are a unique place for holidays and will give you the best and memorable experience of your life. Kerala treehouse provide you with all modern services, ensuring your comfort and well-being. The houses are built of woods and eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo, coir where long, strong trees are used as a pole. The resorts are built in tropical green lush height with a marvelous sky view that pleases tourists' eyes. Staying in TreeHouse Jungle Beats resorts are breathtaking and fascinating, as one can connect to flora and fauna of nature. TreeHouse Jungle beat resorts are the best way to enjoy and experience God's own country.

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What to know about TREEHOUSE JUNGLE BEAT RESORTS before booking?

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  • Spa & Wellness Centre
  • Free WiFi
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How Treehouse Jungle Beat Resorts is the best for your holidays?

The resorts are built-in heavy green forests which offer the best vacation. As Kerala is known for its calming tea, one can head towards the tea plantation and experience the process of tea picking and making. The resorts also include relaxing spas in the lap of nature and its warmth. Detoxify yourself as you soak your body into the hot-water tub at the location. The resorts provide appetizing, delicious dishes along with the famous local foods served warm and fresh. The sunsets and sunrise are the two most beautiful scenes you can experience here. TreeHouse Jungle Beats Resorts provides all the modern luxuries that one needs to ensure adequate and cozy days.




What luxurious amenities will you get at a pocket-friendly price?

The facilities include-

  • Comfortable beds,
  • In-built washrooms with both hot and cold water,
  • Clean, spacious tubs,
  • Balcony facing towards the mesmerizing greenery,
  • Telephones,
  • 24x7 staff,
  • Air-conditioners,
  • On-call cleaning team,
  • Meals made of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Kids Play Area
  • Barbeque
  • Beauty and spa
  • Indoor activities and sports and many more


The resorts also provide safari trips to get a closer look at the wildlife species.

What to Know



The resorts are built to provide a slow experience and to connect with the lush. Peacefulness and semblance are the utmost priority here. To cut down from the city-life and work stress, TreeHouse Jungle Beats Resort can be the perfect holiday experience for you as it detoxifies your mind and soul and gives you a fresh start.


You can enjoy wildlife routines as well as thrilling activities such as trekking and rafting. You can also observe the daily life routines of the local tribal there and can practice the process of tea making and meal preparation from organic fruits and vegetables.


TREEHOUSE JUNGLE BEAT RESORTS provides high security to your family

The resorts ensure their customers' safety; treehouses are located at a higher altitude and away from the dense forests. Some alternatives are at ground levels but provide the same security for adults and children. The rooms are incredibly spacious and well-maintained. The TreeHouse Jungle Beats resort is an attractive gateway terminal that maintains a stress-busting experience holiday. With composed and tranquil surroundings, it encourages a comprehensive way of living and connects guests to the vibrant civilization and heritage of Kerala and its people.



 TREEHOUSE JUNGLE BEAT RESORTS provides your excellent facilities at a low price

Kerala offers you a tremendous variety of accommodations with the amazing Treehouses special ones to live in. The resort is set up on a single tree with a balcony on the face of the hill. From afar, unexpected shifts of wild animals, birds, sunset, and sunrise, which you can see from the balcony of your room. It will take you to a unique experience with nature. When you aim for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday, this place is worth staying in.


Enjoy your holiday and refresh your mind at TREEHOUSE JUNGLE BEAT RESORTS.



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